C 2nd October 2017

Complete guide: Tweetdeck with 280-characters tweets

A few days ago Twitter finally increased the character limit. Doubled it actually, so now, instead of 140, we’ve got 280 characters. Woo-hoo!

It’s not yet available to everyone, but there is a way to enable it in Tweetdeck in few quite simple steps.

1. The code

Copy the code below:

TD.services.TwitterClient.prototype.makeTwitterCall=function(b,e,f,g,c,d,h){c=c||function(){};d=d||function(){};b=this.request(b,{method:f,params:Object.assign(e,{weighted_character_count:!0}),processor:g,feedType:h});return b.addCallbacks(function(a){c(a.data)},function(a){d(a.req,"",a.msg,a.req.errors)}),b};
twttrTxt=Object.assign({},twttr.txt,{isInvalidTweet:function(){return!1},getTweetLength:function(){return twttr.txt.getTweetLength.apply(this,arguments)-140}});

2. Open a Tweetdeck card in your browser


Press Ctrl+Shift+i and change a tab from Elements to Sources. You should be able to see a tree with domain names on the right. If you can’t see it, click the rectangle with arrow pointing left at the top of the frame. Click on the chevron (double arrow, pointing right), choose Snippets and New Snippet below. Paste the code into the field at the center and click Ctrl+Enter  or the Play button at the bottom of the frame.


Press Ctrl+Shift+C and then follow the steps from Chrome.


Go to the Menu, open developers tool and under the Elements tab, in the console, paste the code and press enter.


Open the new tweet pane, open the Web Inspector (⌥⌘I), open the Elements tab, copy and paste the code in the code field at the very bottom (after the chevron), press Return, tweet away!

To open the Web Inspector, enable (if needed) the Debug menu from the Advanced tab in Safari settings, and press ⌥⌘I.


Right click – Inspect Element. On the console type allow pasting, press enter and then paste the code. Press enter again.


Well, yes. The original article doesn’t mention that, but there are major bugs. Major.

Source: 9to5mac